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Category: Omani Touch Articles

Need Support For My Books Distribution to GCC!

Are you interested to support the Exporting Omani Author Literary Excellence Innovation and Talents to The GCC and ME? On process of establishing Books Distribution Links with UAE and […]

Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism Terrorism!

Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism and Terrorism! The Arab Manager! The Call! – Book Redo! Original Book – A Cry For Help! Book –     Sorry to […]

Between Us Only! Series – The Ending of An Era!

 Between Us Only! Series Books! For The Fans! C       The Columns Writings Books – (14) Fourteen!     (1) Book 24     My Short Takes! (2) Book 23     […]

You have won! You have not lost!

You have won! You have not lost! Dear Ustaadh Majid! *** I was going through my emails and trying to delete some of the mail in order to make space […]