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Category: Omani Innovation

My Final Books To Write!

My Final Books To Write! Seeing that there is no support from The Concerned Authorities and Parties – and especially from the Local Books Distributors and Stores – mainly Indian […]

My New Book – My Life!

My Life! New Book (38)! ABOUT THE BOOK! This is my 38th book and the 4th book series on The Story of My Life! My Autobiography! The book is The […]

Need Support For My Books Distribution to GCC!

Are you interested to support the Exporting Omani Author Literary Excellence Innovation and Talents to The GCC and ME? On process of establishing Books Distribution Links with UAE and […]

Choose The Size You Want!

Choose Your Size! All in Technicolor! Full Colour Books! Option One All My Majid Al Suleimany Books! Size 7” x 10” Pages Price 90 Ninety Dollars Front Book Image […]

Omani Author Jawad pens first book at the age of 80!

Omani Author Jawad pens first book at the age of 80. July 25, 2015 | 7:15 PM  By Saleh Al Shaibany – Times of Oman.   Muscat: Jawad Ibrahim […]

Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism Terrorism!

Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism and Terrorism! The Arab Manager! The Call! – Book Redo! Original Book – A Cry For Help! Book –     Sorry to […]