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Omani Author Jawad pens first book at the age of 80!

Omani Author Jawad pens first book at the age of 80.

July 25, 2015 | 7:15 PM 

By Saleh Al Shaibany – Times of Oman.

Jawad  Book

Muscat: Jawad Ibrahim Al Bahrani has proved that it is never too late to pen your first book and at the ripe old age of 80 he is remarkably embarking into a new career of writing stories for general readers.

Jawad, who was born in Zanzibar in 1935 from Omani parents, had a kaleidoscope of careers before he decided to become a full -time writer late in life.

He started life as a seaman followed by a brief stint as a stage actor. Later, he started writing Swahili songs in the 1960s and had his own photography studio.

In 1977, he joined Oman Television as a cameraman. His enthusiasm in creativity was noted by his bosses and was given an opportunity to work as a film director for the Ministry of Information. As a result, one of his television documentaries about Oman won an award in Bahrain.


Resurrected his ambition

When he retired from the Ministry of Information in 1997, Jawad did not want to stay at home idly looking at the four walls. He resurrected his ambition to become a published author by dusting his old manuscripts that were stored in his house for many years.

He decided to finish off a story he started in the 1960s, The “Tales of Bul Bul Adventures”, but due to his family commitment and financial constraints, it took many years to be published. It was printed earlier this year, almost five decades after he started writing it. The book is written in the same mould as The Arabian Nights (Alf laylah wa laylah) about a young orphan who decided to straighten up his life to make something for himself.

By finishing off his book and published it fifty years later is not just a matter of accomplishing a long standing task but it is about proving to everyone that it is never too late to realise your ambition and embark in a new career.

“You are never too old to realise your dreams, no matter how bold or difficult they are. It is just a matter of getting it right and the opportunities available to you. I always wanted to publish books and have readers to read them,” Jawad explained.

How prolific Jawad is going to be after the publication of his first book is a question of how fast he can write more.

Final touches

He is already putting the final touches of his second fiction book, titled The Tales of Zanzibar Nights, to be published next year. There is a third one brewing in his mind, whose title would be “Tales of Arabian and Persian Deserts,” which will be published in 2017.

He is planning to continue with a series of books of ‘Tales’ for as long as he can. Jawad also has published a non-fiction book this year with a title of “My Wisdom Thoughts.”

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