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Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism Terrorism!

Lack of Tolerance – Extremism, Fundamentalism and Terrorism!

The Arab Manager! The Call! – Book Redo!

Original Book – A Cry For Help! Book –

5A - A Cry For Help!   18A - The Call

Sorry to say this here now!

I wrote this book in August 29 2009 –and tried my best to warn and caution in the book after a Staff (Omani) Father had died and ‘inviting Staff (Expatriates) that they could offer ‘condolences in the Mosque Masjid’! An outcry from few individuals made me to wake up to the ‘Realities’ and to write the book!

At that time everyone thought I was off-point and exaggerating the situation – but event later (and now) confirmed my assertions and views!

 Book Theme – Addressing about the increased extremism, fundamentalism, and lack of tolerance and forbearance in the Arab workforce, author Majid Al Suleimany presents A Cry for Help!: Arabian Management Services—Context and Perspectives.

In three parts, A Cry for Help! concentrates on the management styles and aspects of companies located in the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council that encompasses Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It discusses the:

  • Growing radicalization of local staff • Misbehaving expatriates
  • Unhappy, dissatisfied staff
  • Poor treatment of staff, especially by European Western and Indian Regional staff
  • Increasing extremism and fundamentalism in offices • Sensitive, related issues

In A Cry for Help!, Suleimany, a management expert, focuses on what is particular about the type of Arab management, its context and perspectives, and what is peculiar, special, or particular to that work in the context and comparison to management styles of other nations. Using personal experiences, examples, and illustrations, Suleimany exposes the new reality and truth and moves away from the trend and approach of hiding issues and problems.

Please Note – You can still buy both books at Family Bookshops Medinat Qaboos – or from me direct – and

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