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Grand Mufti Urges Unity of Hearts and Minds!

Grand Mufti Urges Unity of Hearts and Minds

The Oman Daily Observer!
Friday 09th, January 2015 / 19:06 Written by  Hassan Kamanpoori in Saturday

Grand Mufti Urges Unity of Hearts and Minds

By Hasan Kamoonpuri –

HIS Eminence Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad al Khalili, the Grand Mufti of Oman, recently wrote a book on the all-important topic of unity. The book “Responsibility of Preserving their Unity Resting on the Shoulders of the People of Oman” has been translated from Arabic into English by Dr Syed Bashir Ahmad, who teaches at the University of Nizwa.
According to Dr Bashir, “the message of  the Grand Mufti  has come at the right time and hits the nail precisely on the head. It deserves serious deliberations not only in the local context but in the widest perspective of the Ummah which is going through one of the most testing times of its history. Through these turbulent circumstances Oman has yet again proved to be a beacon of prudence as an oasis of peace and tranquility in the stormy sea of discord”.

According to His Eminence, the people of Oman, along with what they have been blessed with in the form of prudence, maturity and moderation, are quite qualified to take a lead, in cooperation with their Muslim brethren, towards solving the problems that are taking heavy toll on the reputation of the Muslim Ummah.
Shaikh Khalili is a strong advocate for strong and genuine unity and coordination among all the Muslim schools of jurisprudence across the spectrum.

Although the message of His Eminence is basically addressed to the people of Oman appreciating their resilient adherence to unity among themselves which has earned admiration, he focuses on the importance of unity and cooperation among the Muslim Ummah as a whole.

The message assumes much importance because the precious gift of unity must be preserved in these times of scarcity. The message of Islam, in its essence and entirety, is founded on unity, cooperation, love, kindness, and mercy. These values invariably manifest themselves as an invincible force. This approach does not eliminate genuine differences, but harmonises them in a superior unity that is not ordered from the outside but gives form from within, so to speak, to the whole.

Unity does not mean that our different schools of thought should merge into one. The diversity of theological approaches, cultures and languages is not an obstacle. To be sure, Islamic unity means recognising and respecting our different theological conclusions and most importantly identifying the common challenges and resisting oppression while pooling resources for mutual work on common goals.

The Prophet says that all humans are of the same race of Adam and Eve and that between them and Allah there is neither lineage nor any other closeness except piety (God-consciousness); there is not any preference in favour of anyone of them over any other except with piety and that the proximity to Allah can be gained only through piety.
Warning the world Muslims, the Grand Mufti says: “We do not know how long this Ummah shall continue with the vicious internal strife driven to infighting and mindless strife and endure being blazed in the inferno while it embraces the hellhole!

It is not the adherence to a single School of Thought as the best and discarding all others that will unify the Ummah, but the adherence of its peoples to the core principles of Quran and Hadith. In mutual acceptance of the rich diversity lies the essence of unity of the Ummah, the Ummah, that was founded by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for guiding humankind out of darkness to light by being the beacon of inviting peoples of the world to goodness and forbidding evil, needs unity and relentless determination to counter its foes.

It is unity that brings independence to nations. And this is the ultimate achievement of any nation in the global community.”

The Grand Mufti says when Allah the Almighty smoothened the way for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to lead the people of Oman and to steer them out of isolation, among the most important aspects on which he focused his attention was his keenness to ensure equality between all citizens in their national rights and to eliminate everything that could promote favouritism and discrimination among the people.

The Ummah has the potential to do the same. Muslim nations are blessed with abundant natural resources. Certainly Allah is going to ask every one of them on the Day of Judgment about how and where they had spent these possessions as well as about how they had earned them.

Certainly, the best means to develop and deepen unity is to hold fast by the Book of Allah (the Holy Quran) and the tradition of His Messenger (pbuh), as in them is the light, foresight, and guidance.
The Grant Mufti prudently appeals to all Omanis and Muslims to cooperate with one another to create a better understanding and image of Islam, to establish mutual respect, and trust, among all other communities, and to unite in working together for the common cause, the cause for which no sacrifice will be too great.

Hassan Kamanpoori



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