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The Omani Authors’ Site!

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The Omani Authors’ Site!


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Omani Youth Omani Young Girl Omani boys playing football Omani Boys Male Omani at the goat market in Nizwa , Oman

Happy Faces image002Omani Faces - Toyota Omani Worker 1 Omani Worker 2 Omani Worker 3 Omani Worker 4 Omani Youth

Dear All & After Compliments;

Pleased to inform you that this is a new website to incorporate all The Omani Writers Authors Columnists and Artists. You can send your post to me to input!

At a later date. will upgrade to allow outside direct postings like a Forum Website!

Let us start by really using Charity Begins At Home! And valuing and esteeming our own more for a change! It is High Time we do this – because our Future Generations and The Youth will judge us by what we do – or do not do!

Allah Kareem! God Is Great!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Mobile GSM 95207511 / 95116953

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